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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Magenta's Stories

'The Magenta’s Stories and her Investigation Agency Shocking Stockings. The *wildest sexiest weirdest sleaziest* superbitch of the comics!' - The Magenta's Stories
(via Unscathed Corpse)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hemelopa Ivory

Herr Buchta Photoart

German photographer Thomas Buchta's online portfolio - Herr Buchta
(via Fleshbot)

Jeffery Scott

'I go out and drive on the freeways. I go to the grocery store. Walk around out on the street. Watch how people interact with one another. I listen to their truths.....to their lies. I watch them and listen to their stories.................about how they treat others...........how they treat themselves. I see how we want our world to be......and then see what we do to it. So...............I get my ideas and inspiration for my imagery from the world around us. I just watch and listen...' - Jeffery Scott

Monday, January 01, 2007

Katsuya Terada

Cult Japanese artist Katsuya Terada

FlickR Fetish Photos

This seriously sexy photo is the work of thelion and was found in the Fetish Photos group over at FlickR

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kieran Yanner

Hiroshi Kaieda

The awesome art of Hiroshi Kaieda
(via Otomano)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Eva Braun

'Eva Braun was born a long time ago in a land far from here, some say she is a ghoul trapped on this earth in limbo, others say she is just a mixed up kid with an overactive imagination. But one thing is for sure Eva is here large as life and twice as boisterous and she will not be satisfied until she has stolen your hearts and your boyfriends. With a wink a bump and a grind a whole lot of sass goes a long way…' - Eva Braun

Death Metal Album Art

The above picture is the nicest part of the album cover art of Cannibal Corpse's 1992 release 'Tomb of the Mutilated.' An album featuring artwork that is still banned in Germany due to it's depiction of a male zombie performing oral sex on a female zombie (wouldn't like to be a horny zombie in Germany.) See more Death Metal album cover art at Tomb of the Mutilated

Friday, December 29, 2006

Bob Coulter's Bad Girls

'All the photos have been done in the course of a year at the notorious “Carlton Arms Hotel” on 25th street... Over the years the hotel is said to have been a brothel, a flophouse, a welfare hotel…..and one can easily see the remnants of all those previous lives. But now its an adventure. With every room being decorated by a different artist. You can be inside a submarine, inside an Egyptian tomb, or in a room that reminds you of a prostitute’s room in a notorious TexMex border “boys town” establishment...' - Bad Girls Hotel

Saw Mona Smile

'If the renaissance took place in more recent times, and the models were famous movie monsters/aliens, what would the artwork have looked like?...' - Find out at Worth1000

Naked And Dead

'There's a time and place for everything, local Australian governments have ruled as they move to stop brothels opening near cemeteries. Local governments in the northern state of Queensland have called on state authorities to establish an exclusion zone banning brothels opening within 200 metres (220 yards) of cemeteries.
It follows a decision by a council in Ipswich, just outside the Queensland capital Brisbane, to reject a proposal for a brothel to be built across the road from the local cemetery.
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio Tuesday that cemeteries were places for quiet reflection by families who should not have to put up with "a brothel going on next door."
"It's totally inappropriate. There's a place for brothels and a place for cemeteries and we don't believe the two mix," he said.' - Reuters
So is it still ok to have sex in cemeteries?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Girl + Gun

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Martin Perrau

See ladies lashed in latex as shot by fetish photographer Martin Perrau
(via sexblo.gs)